Friday, September 27, 2013

Summer time is over

As it always does, summer has flown by and I'm only two short weeks from skiing loops on Frozen Thunder and prepping for my early season World Cup opportunities. Thanks largely in part to the June flooding in the Bow Valley our training camp schedule has been anything but routine. We've just had a training camp cancelled for the fourth time this season! It's been hard to stay focused and working hard when plans are continually evolving and changing but the training has still been high quality and I feel like my coaches and I are moving in the right direction as we get close to the race season. My team and I headed to Montana to train around Whitefish in the middle of August. I really love the training in Whitefish and the National park just outside the city. My consistency was a little low at this camp compared to last year but I was still able to run a personal best 10km with a 32:52. Along with this August camp I've been working hard with my teammates in Canmore and the areas around the Bow Valley all summer. Also this summer I had an opportunity to speak at a youth conference about my journey as an aspiring Olympic athlete. Speaking at the Metis Nation of Alberta’s Annual Assembly and Youth Conference was a great opportunity to connect with the aboriginal community. It's rare that I have this type of an opportunity and I hope in the future to be able to do more of this work with youth. Here's a few photos of the past summer's happenings. Also I need to say a massive THANK YOU to all the Candians that have donated to CAN Fund and as well to the organization itself for supporting me this upcoming racing season! It means so much to have support from people all across the country and I feel so privileged to have been selected by CAN Fund to receive this support. I can't wait to do what I can to raise the profile of the organization even more! Thanks for checking in and catch ya later! jesse
I spent much of my talk discussing the power of relationships in all areas of life. I focused on a friend and former teammate of mine as an example of fortitude and perseverance.
It was so great to interact with all the kids at the conference and spend time having them focus on their personal goals and discuss how they want to shape their process for achieving those goals.
One of the many quiet roads in Montana that made for another successful camp in Whitefish.
All smiles on a long run in Banff National Park.
This is about halfway through the four hour workout in Glacier National Park in Montana. It's easily one of my favourite places I've ever ran.
All this hard work needs a bit of fun too! Coach Stef dominating the swim-to dock in Whitefish!


  1. Can"t wait for your posting on the Olympics!!!! We are so proud of you as Inuvialuit and all of us from Inuvik!!! YOU made us proud and happy...lots of hard work and endeavors...thank you!!! WOW!

  2. I love games.I Was trying to pick my favorite thing but all of it was good fun :)

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