Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Don't call it a comeback

Four unfinished drafts and seven months later this seems as good a time as any to get this ball rolling again. As far as catching you up on what I've been up to, where I've been and how it's all been; May was early skiing in Oregon, June was our long bike ride in the Kootenays, July was the Haig Glacier trips for the year, August was some ridiculously hard training south of the border in Montana, September and October was my trip with the NST to Utah for altitude and intensity. How was it? It was all fantastic! Of course there are hours of long workouts, hard intensities, gym sessions, cold baths, and everything else that make up a spring, summer, and fall schedule of training but those camps were the main focus for their respective month. And here we are in November with less than two weeks until our race season kicks off Vin Diesel style. The abridged version of my training year doesn't sound like very much training when it's comprised into one poorly written sentence but this has been by far my hardest year of training to date. As repetitive as that last sentence is among athletes, it is true. I felt like I needed to be aggressive this offseason and the coaches rewarded my loud talk with hard work for the entire team. Here are few photos to capture a small portion of the training year that seemed to pass by as quickly as I wrote this post. Check back for updates as the season moves forward, thanks for reading!
Although I didn't have time during the actual bike ride, this angst packed "night-before" photo sums up the magnitude of the ride. 217km is a long ways to ride a bike.
All the hard training makes time off that much sweeter. Kevin, Patrick and I were lucky enough to join Matt and his girlfriend Jules at his Shuswap cabin early August.
Back to work in a big way late August with our camp in Montana. Our rollerski and run in Glacier National Park was one of the major highlights.
Wakeboarding and wakesurfing to relax at the lake Montana. I'm on the best team in world.
Our Montana camp ended with a 10km run. Despite the heavy training load and tired bodies we all set PBs and I clocked a 32:55.
Back to the USA in September for my best camp of the year in Utah. This was my first time to Utah and I hope I'm back for many years to come.
Salt Lake City and Park City were great cities to be based out of and we had no shortage of quiet roads to fill our 3-4 hour rollerski workouts.
Over 10,000ft and the best way to close the camp in Utah is apparently with a bear claw bigger than you!
All this and I made sure to find time to stink it up on the links. My dad is and seemingly always will be the better golfer between us. See ya on the trails! jess

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