Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pre Christmas NorAms

What's that? You want a new iPad 2 for Christmas? Too bad, you get an update.
First off, a Huge thanks to E. Grubens Transport for sponsoring me this season. Every bit helps and their support is above and beyond helpful and will make reaching my racing goals for this season that much easier, thanks! Two weekends into the 2011/2012 NorAm season and it's time to tell you all about it! Both NorAm weekends took place in BC in the mountain towns of Silverstar and Rossland. Silverstar was a pretty disappointing outing for me as I had high hopes for the first NorAms of the year on my favorite race trails at Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre. I skied a very pedestrian classic sprint finishing 9th on the day after qualifying in 22nd position. This was really not how I envisioned the first classic sprint of the year and I'm still confused as to what happened with that one, maybe a little fatigue setting in from West Yellowstone. Quick turnaround though as next morning we were on the start line for an individual 15km Classic race. Again, I was really excited to ski on some great trails and hopefully fight for a podium, not how it ended up though. Another disappointing day that saw me cross the line with the 18th time on the day. I was really thankful to get a chance to rest and recover for a couple days in Silverstar before hitting the road for Rossland, my tired body definitely needed some down time. Also, thanks to my dad for snapping all these race photos of me and my teammates through the whole trip. Check out his site and his Picasa Album for more
Next up were two skate races, a sprint and a mass start 15km at BlackJack Nordic in Rossland. I love the sprint course in Rossland! I had a great race there last year that unfortunately ended in a crash in the semifinal, so I was more or less looking for some redemption on that course. I really wanted to put the previous weekend's disappointment behind me and ski a little angry on the tough and technical course. The qualifier was hands down my best ever and I was wearing bib 1 for the heats for the first time ever. The heats went perfect for me which is less than I can say for my two teammates Matt and Phil as they were caught up in a crash halfway through the course that knocked them off trail and out of the race for the day. Seeing them end up in the bushes I wanted to make sure I had room to move on that sketchy corner so when the final rolled around I decided to make my break right from the gun and hold on to a lead the whole way. Thankfully it worked! And I picked up my first NorAm win of the year! So after a quick cool down, some icing of the body and a good night's sleep it was time hit the trails again for the mass start. I really love mass start racing, too bad my body didn't really convey that love. I fought to stay in contact with the lead group for about 2.5 of the 4 laps but in the end I was too tired to hang on and ended the day in 10th spot. Big shout out to my Boy! Kevin Sandau for his win in this race! With his win he's the new NorAm leader and sitting in the CatBird seat. And here we are now, a few days from Christmas and I've even finished my holiday shopping! I'll be spending the holidays at home and visiting my girlfriend's house for Christmas dinner this year. After all the turkey dust settles it'll be time to get back to work as U23 trials are a mere three weeks away in Whistler. Thanks for reading and see you in the new year!

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