Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Met with a small amount of scepticism, Coach called an audible this morning en route to our long distance workout in Lake Louise, and decided we should check out Cascade Fire road to avoid the long drive to Louise. I have to say, I was definitely in the part of the van sippin' the Hater-ade about the idea based on the possible lack of snow. As it turns out there was nothing to worry about as the trails were fantastic today and we saved over an hour of van time! Here's a few shots of the day that was.
Today also being November 30th means that we have reached the end of our month long fundraising for Movember. Our team, the Alberta World Cup Academo's, has been busy over the last few days making a last ditch effort to reach the $2000 mark. Here is the link to my Mo space if you want to help us raise money for prostate cancer awareness and research . And seeing how it's the end I figured I may as well go out with a bang and try to turn this furry little lip monster into something even sillier. Success?

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