Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Whistler: Round 1

Rollerskiing, running, mountain biking, lake swimming, pool time, rope swinging, baseball, and concerts galore... there was so much going on in Whistler this summer I forgot to take photos of all the things we got up to! Whistler camp is always the highlight of my summer training schedule and I'm sure it is for most of my teammates. Staying above the village we have access to great training right from our doorstep, a five minute run to Lost Lake, and not to mention the short walk to the village where we hung out and saw the Barenaked Ladies and Sam Roberts play live at the Whistler Olympic Plaza. Unfortunately I really did drop the ball on the photo side of things so all I have to show from the trip is the meager helping below. I'll be back in Whistler in the fall for an NST camp and I'll do my best to step it up and take more photos.

Rollerskiing with Matt and Joey around the town trail system, super fun trails and an easy way to kill two hours.

The road leading to Whistler Olympic Park, and the park's rollerski trails were the main focus for the camp. I think it's so cool they left the rings above the stadium, they make for pretty easy inspiration on the long workouts!

One of my favorite workouts in Whistler is the long run up Singing Pass. Unfortunately I didn't get in on that workout but I gave my camera to Matt for him to document the picturesque run to the peak of Whistler Mountain.

Bob "Too Tall" Thompson towering over the ten foot high snow banks near the top of the mountain.

With Whistler camp in the bag it's back to the day to day in Canmore and the start of Fall. No team camps in september will make for some good time at home and hopefully some solid training as we near the start of ski season.

Also: By "Round 1" I mean round 1 of 3. I'll be in Whistler 3 times this season for another training camp and then again in January for U23 trials races.

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