Friday, August 5, 2011

Mid-summer vacation

Long hours and lots of hard intensities always lead to the inevitable rest week. With a particularly heavy training load from this early summer I felt I would need a particularly relaxing rest week and that's exactly what Marlis and I found at her parent's cottage on Grand Lake in New Brunswick. It was a great week with everything from hiking Fundy National park, sailing in the first annual Old Schoolhouse Regatta, and some solid family time with Marlis' humungous family on the east coast. A big thank you to Deb and Dieter for having me at their home for a week and making sure Marlis and I had lots of time to relax.

So much to see on the drive to the Flower pots.

Laverty falls with Marlis, her mom and aunt Patty.

The creek under the falls was so warm and deep that there were a few really awesome swimming spots along the hike.

How cool are these rocks?! My first time visiting the Flower pots outside of Fundy National park.

Around 25 of Marlis' family came for the weekend and joined in the regatta festivities, including the potato sack race.

The final of the Laser category in the regatta. I won! I haven't sailed a Laser in about 6 years, I guess it's just like riding a bike!

The cottage and guest house in all their glory. Deb and Dieter just finished building this home and what an amazing home it is.

And of course Dieter's extensive bike collection in the garage! Can you believe only 2 people live here, and only part time!

And back to reality in Canmore... With only one night in my own bed it was back to work with intensities up Silvertip and hitting the gym in the afternoon yesterday. Not long now until we head west for Whistler!

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