Monday, July 11, 2011

Haig Photos

Another year, another trip to the Haig Glacier. Living in Canmore has some huge summer training benefits and easy access to the Haig glacier is one of those bonuses. Getting into the glacier camp was made even easier this year by flying in by helicopter and jumping right on to our skis after the 5 minute flight.
New Haig staff and old friend El Guapo keeping an eye on us during training.

It was a pretty perfect day on our first morning of the camp and we were able to explore a bit with great crust skiing conditions.


Thankfully the first couple days had great weather because the last day was anything but pleasant.

A tale of two Lennys! Happy Lenny about to climb in the chopper, sad Lenny on the run out.

After a few weeks of really heavy training I've got a pretty chill week coming up and a chance to catch up on sleep and get some things done around the house. This was my first training camp with the Senior National team, our second camp will be in Whistler later this fall. It was really exciting to get a chance to train alongside such world class skiers and pretty fun to hang out with a solid group.

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