Friday, June 24, 2011

A really long bike ride

I just came home last night from the second training camp of the year, so after a solid morning of sleeping in and some odds and ends around the house it's time to tell you all about it! We started the camp Monday with a short strength session in Canmore and piled everyone in the vans in the afternoon for the 6.5 hour ride to Kaslo BC. This is the team's second year visiting this area of BC and just like last year the main focus was the monster 217km bike ride. Last year I didn't quite finish the ride and I really wanted to stay out of the team vans and finish the whole thing, easier said than done!

There's a short ferry ride past the halfway point in the drive that makes for a nice break to get out of the vans and soak up some of the awesome BC weather.

Coach Mike couldn't wait to get on the road and start pushing the pace from the get go. That's him on the far right making sure no one gets an early jump on him.

I can't stand these kind of self shots! But a photo of me every now and then isn't going to hurt this blog.
Long rides usually spread the group out into a few sub groups and today was no different. Matt, Joey and I had a couple tired patches but nothing a few gels and waffles couldn't fix.
I had a few technical problems on the road, none more noteworthy than my double flat just under 8hrs into the ride and only 20km from the end of the ride.
After walking for about 3km up the last major climb, Chris and Eric came to rescue me/put me back on the road. No more spare tubes left meant I was going to be finishing the ride on Mike's mountain bike.
There's a lot to see on this scenic 217km ride in the Kootenays but nothing made me smile more than this sign 8.5 hrs after I started riding.
Tired legs mean it's time to stand in some cold water. Kaslo hasn't had much warm weather before we got there and that meant the lake was extra cold for us, not to mention all the 'Magic in the Water'.

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