Sunday, May 1, 2011

Training starts today!

A solid two hour ski with old friends/new teammates this morning and our 2011/2012 season is under way! Skiing could not be better at the CNC these days, warm blue skies and fresh grooming everyday have made for some of the year's best skis. Thankfully I did get a bit of a break from winter time and was able to steal away to Cuba for a week with Marlis and her parents. Cuba was so sick! Sunny and +30C everyday made for some seriously awesome days of relaxing, sightseeing and enjoying the beach. Here's some photos from my April adventures. Also, I need to send out a huge THANK YOU to Nuna Logistics for supporting my upcoming 2011/2012 training and racing season. This support means the world to me and helps me focus on the fun stuff!

Our resort was Amazing*. All you can eat buffet, 24hr restaurants, and an amazing beach were a few of my favorite things from the resort.
"We're at the beach!"
We went on a pretty touristy tour of Havana, super fun though.
Up at Chester Lake for Marlis' 21st Birthday! It took a little longer than I thought it would to get there but totally worth it.
I've been doing a strangely large amount of baking this spring...This is a carrot cake Marlis and I made for Easter, That's smart!


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