Saturday, December 4, 2010

Long day

Today was the start of my 2010/2011 race season and it was just about how I would expect myself to start. It was a short 1000m skate sprint at the CNC and we held the qualifier at 9:15AM, and then we waited. It wasn't until 3:50PM that I raced my quarterfinal and I raced the A final at 4:55PM. The qualifier was a very disappointing 10th place but the 6hrs in between qualifier and heats woke me up and I was able to pull myself back in the A final to 2nd place! Also with this second place I am pretty sure I have secured a spot on Alberta's Canada Winter Games team travelling to Halifax in March. Tomorrow we're back at it with a 10km individual classic. I am so pumped to be racing again!

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