Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Get that ball rollin'

Already one month of training down and we continue forward through the rain and other shitty weather that the Bow Valley has dished out over the last few weeks. Although the weather is uninspiring the training has been great so far this dryland season. With familiar faces now gone from the team and new additions being added seemingly week by week the team has definitely got a different feel to it these days at training, but more than anything I'm really excited to be back training after a lackluster month off in April.
Silverstar BC was the site of the annual spring skiing camp for AWCA and many other skiers looking to take advantage of great conditions. With blue skies and temperatures near 15C at the ski site it was pretty easy to bang out some good hours of on snow. This was the third time I've had the chance to ski in spring conditions here and I have to say the excitement of the new season starting and great conditions make it one of my favorite times of the year.
After the camp it was back to the day to day of Canmore and getting back into the rhythm of training with the team. Our next camp is coming up at the end of June after our week of testing. We're going to be heading to the land of hippies in southern BC in the town of Kaslo for a road biking camp. Who knows, maybe i'll even snap some shots of the elves living in the woods to liven up my next post. Thanks for checking in!


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  1. More more more more more. With pictures this time!