Friday, October 9, 2009

What do Tofino, Lake Louise, and snow have in common?

They're all part of my second update!

So lets start at the beginning; Tofino BC. After a quick camping trip in the Shuswap area of BC near Salmon Arm, I headed out to Tofino with my friend and teammate Joey Burton for a few days of surfing. Unfortunately, the board I have been working on with Graeme Killick was not finished and I wasn't able to bring it for it's maiden voyage but someday it will be completed, some day...
The surfing was great out on the coast which is more than could be said about the weather, but bad weather is something I have come to expect from Tofino and it's just part of the
experience. We spent three days being thrashed by some gnarly barrels and rocked in the spin cycle and then it was time to head home and get back to some serious fall training.
Not long after coming home from Tofino, the Academy held a dry-land camp in Lake Louise which turned out to be a great four day mini camp with rollerskiing, death runs, and some intensity thrown in as well. Everything about the camp went near perfect, I was feeling good with my intensities, solid recovery between workouts, and even had some time to pick up the mic at the hotel's Karaoke night with Joey (still fun even though we had ice thrown at us!). The camp came to an end with a four hour ski for me and Kevin, and just like our 4.5hr run in Yoho National Park, I had a little bonking going on at the end but Groenveld came to the rescue with some power bars and saved me from a world of pain at the end of the ski.
And finally, Snow! Neige! Schnee! Neve! whatever you want to call it, it fell in Canmore and it was falling hard. Yesterday morning we were doing rollerski intensity at the CNC, and by night time highways were closed from snow, the furnace was roaring and it felt like a full on winter's eve when I went to bed. Even more exciting than plain old white stuff falling from the sky was the sight of the snow guns blasting our the piles of snow in the Nordic Centre stadium this morning! With the guns a blazing hopefully we can be on snow this time next week. So hopefully my next update will come after some k's logged on the skinnies! Until then, ciao. Also, thank to Kevin Sandau for the photos in the update from Lake Louise and the CNC


The Common Loaf in Tofino, a safe haven from the rain for me and Joey.

Some dirty break at Chesterman's Beach.

Bob and I on the Iceline Trail, Yoho National Park.

The guns are out at the CNC!

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